Krzysztof and Beata. Together we create the space of the Art of Attentive Touch in Poznań. This space consists of individual work in the office on the wasp. St. Batory in Poznań, as well as courses and workshops that we organize.

Krzysztof Cukierski

Krzysztof Cukierski – the originator and main "performer" of the Art of Attentive Touch. Krzysztof can be found much more often in the office and he conducts courses and workshops. Physiotherapist; for 20 years a lover of working with the body; teacher of yoga and meditation; manual therapist; practices of mindful touch and conscious breathing, leading to the integration of the Body with the Self; participant of numerous development workshops; since 2004 deep tissue massage practitioners; since 2010, he has been practicing Lomi Lomi Nui, the art of Lomi Lomi Nui massage studied with one of the first Polynesian massage teachers in Poland – Julian Rok; in February 2020, he underwent an 8-day retreat in total darkness in the so-called . Forest Room, located under the ground of the Estonian forest; creator of his own method of working with the body and psyche of SOTI – Somatic-Respiratory Integrative Therapyfounder of the Center for Improvement and Work with the Body S O M A T I C A

Coming to the office for a session with Krzysztof, we meet there a very friendly, warm, open, empathetic, attentive and present person. We feel safe and taken care of. This is especially important during massage rituals, as well as when touching very painful experiences and releasing traumas or emotions from the body. Krzysztof has a very holistic, intuitive and often unconventional approach to each person with whom he works. Depending on what kind of view a given person has of the world, what openness and awareness he has, Krzysztof also reaches for such work tools. And the arsenal of tools is considerable. He himself went through a long and arduous path of working with himself, releasing his own limitations and schemes, developing his potential. A lot behind him, and still a lot ahead of him. Privately, a loving partner of his soul mate Beata, beloved Krzysiek Maja and Michał, Happison's guardian.

Beata Hryc

Beata Hryc (formerly Jusik) – On the one hand, she creates and cares for the "background" of the Art of Attentive Touch, i.e. websites and blogs, Fb, Instagram, shop, organization of workshops. He is self-taught in these matters, so forgive the shortcomings of :).. On the other hand, he works in the office, most often through Access Bars, Access Facelift and other energy processes with Access Consciousness, coaching sessions, intense energy and verbal sessions touching on beliefs and patterns hidden in the subconscious, but also more "tangibly and simply" 🙂 – the Bowen Technique. Beata has been a certified bowen Technique therapist at a master's degree for about 10 years. Inner witch, Miracle Maker, highly sensitive with great intuition. She works with her own limitations and develops her skills on numerous courses and workshops in Poland, as well as abroad – at the Mystery School in the USA and Romania. He also works with the energies of Angels and Masters, reads the Akashic chronicles, leads with his voice in meditation journeys within, gives readings based on channeling, as well as an energetic healing message in the form of Light Language. He often hears in the office that he is the epitome of peace, solace and a sense of security. On the third hand, he takes care of the energetic space of the office and courses. Privately divorced mother of 2 wonderful children – Michał and Maja, partner of her great love and soul mate – Krzysztof.


Our office – the space of the biggest changes :). This is where deep emotional release happens… Catharsis… crying… howling, moaning… laughter… It is from here that people come out lighter, without this invisible ballast on their backs, radiant, relaxed, with more freedom of movement. Our office has its 2 faces – the face for manual therapy, clavitherapy, auriculotherapy – this version has been known for years under the name SOMATICA and this is also the website: Also by typing SOMATICA Poznań you can easily find us on Google Maps, where the number of positive opinions is systematically increasing. We encourage you to read the 🙂
The second face is the massage and meditation version, a space for massage rituals and energy work. This is the face of the Art of Attentive Touch, where on the walls there are mandalas illuminated by the warmer light of candles and a lamp standing in the corner.

We are curious about you. Welcome 🙂
– Christopher and Beata